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Cracked or broken industrial castings mechanically stitched with no heat applied, eliminating the heat dangers such as warpage, misalignment, fire hazard, brittleness, etc. associated with welding and brazing.

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What Is Cold Mechanical Stitching?

 Cold Mechanical Stitching is a method used to repair cracks in industrial metal without welding or heating.  This method is stronger and more durable than welding and can ususally be performed on site.  Other names are metal locking, metal surgery, cold welding, stitch welding and crack patching.

Metal Crack Stitching as been providing cast iron and other metal crack repair without welding for over 25 years.  Feel free to evaluate our work in pictures and then contact us for a quote.






  • Restores strength and seals in high pressure
  • Sectional removal or replacement
  • On-site repairs with little or no dismantling of equipment
  • Saves costly replacements and down time
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Price quoted over phone on most occasions

We serve virtually every industry:

Pulp and Paper
Marine Steel
Oil Refining
Utilities, etc., etc.,


The Process In Brief

Each repair is different. It requires individual attention. Quality depends on proper design of repair and workmanship. The proof is in the experience and we have it!!!!!

Metal Stitching


  1. Drill a series of holes perpendicular to the crack.
  2. Join the holes together with chisel so as to form an accurate slot.
  3. Insert preformed alloy keys individually into the slots. Due to the serrated design of keys, the casting sections on both sides of the crack are locked together.
  4. After the keys are installed, threaded dowels of same alloy are placed along the crack in between the keys in tangent to each other to ensure shear strength and pressure-tight seal.
  5. Super keys are reinforcement units, used for higher strength, at areas of maximum stress or wear. These keys are made to size and installed at high stress areas, where parent metal is being removed. The purpose is to dissipate local stress over wider areas.


 Equipment Repaired Using 

The Cold Stitching Method



Engine & Generator frames
Utilities & Sewage Components
Punch/Forging Presses


Hydro Turbine Runners
Condenser Boxes
Mill Stands


Drop Hammers
Gears & Housings
Bearings & much more!


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